The Xinjiang Police Files

Yarkand County Poverty Alleviation [No. 9] Develop the Pigeon Meat Industry and Open Doors to Building Wealth

Filename: 莎车县脱贫攻坚【第九期】.docx
Document title: 发展肉鸽产业 拓宽致富门路

About This Document

This classified document discusses industrial poverty alleviation as a fundamental mechanism for lifting ethnic and rural households from poverty. The document describes a farmers’ breeding cooperative which integrates centralized breeding of pigeon meat, geese, and other poultry as an example of industrial poverty alleviation. In explaining the success of poverty alleviation through this example, the document notes that shaming “lazy persons” is an important step to promoting people’s “inner motivation.”

This document is part of the Xinjiang QQ Files, a cache of files obtained by Dr. Zenz in the second half of 2019 through social media networks used by local government units through Tencent’s QQ app (click for more information).

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