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Summary of Social Poverty Alleviation Work in Ottur Eriq Village

Filename: 欧吐拉艾日克村社会扶贫工作总结.docx
Document title: 欧吐拉艾日克村社会扶贫工作总结

About This Document

This 2018 document summarizes the work of the village-based work team from Khotan county No. 3 primary school. It outlines successes and areas for improvement. The document focuses heavily on the importance of helping locals develop strong Mandarin language skills, increase ideological work for farmers, cooperate with employment services to ‘guide’ surplus labor to join seasonal labor, and encourage teachers to enter the households to gather more information. Poor families were to be made aware of their deficiencies, subjected to strengthened “motivational education,” and households considered to be poor because of “laziness” were sent to dedicated “education” activities.

This document is part of the Xinjiang QQ Files, a cache of files obtained by Dr. Zenz in the second half of 2019 through social media networks used by local government units through Tencent’s QQ app (click for more information). 

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