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Shufu County Plan for the Division of Roles to Implement the Feedback from the Autonomous Region’s Party Committee's Eighth Inspection Group

Filename: 9号疏附县落实自治区党委第八巡视组反馈意见的责任分解方案.doc
Document title: 疏附县落实自治区党委第八巡视组反馈意见的责任分解方案

About This Document

The document summarizes the findings of the regional inspection of the Shufu County Committee and its leading cadres. The Inspection Team noted that ideological work is weak and policy implementation imprecise. In one instance, poor households were accidentally given excessive resettlement benefits. To conceal this error, the authorities demanded immediate repayment of subsidies by (illegitimately) threatening re-education detention.

This document is part of the Xinjiang QQ Files, a cache of files obtained by Dr. Zenz in the second half of 2019 through social media networks used by local government units through Tencent’s QQ app (click for more information). 

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