The Xinjiang Police Files

Shufu County Disciplinary Inspection Commission Notice on the Problem of the Poor Implementation of Mass Work and Handling of this Situation

Filename: 疏纪通〔2017〕13号关于对落实群众工作不力问题及处理情况的通报   (一).doc

Document title: 关于对落实群众工作不力问题及处理情况的通报(一)

About This Document
This Shufu County Disciplinary Inspection Commission notification lists 25 accountability issues identified by the Mass Work Supervision Team of the Autonomous Region, including cases of local corruption or malpractice. For example, in several townships in Konasheher county, officials “forced” Uyghur villagers to work in textile and satellite factories for minimal pay.

This document is part of the Xinjiang Police Files, a cache of internal police files from Xinjiang obtained by a third party through hacking (click for more information).

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This section contains documents related to forced labor and coercive poverty alleviation policies targeting Uyghurs and other ethnic groups.