The Xinjiang Police Files

Notice on Printing and Distributing “Work Guidelines for the Lawful Detention of 21 Types of Strike-Hard Focus Targets” (Kashgar, 2017)

Filename: 喀什2017 – 关于印发《依法收押二是一类严打重点对象工作指南》通知.pdf

Document title: 关于印发《依法收押二是一类严打重点对象工作指南》通知

About This Document
This document outlines guidelines for detaining persons belonging to one of 21 types of target (focus) persons. They are to be subjected to “strike-hard detention,” which typically indicates a tougher form of detention than re-education. The 21 categories include a wide variety of individuals, including persons who photograph convenience police stations, fail to participate in government grassroots organizational arrangements, engage in various types of religious activities, or refuse to allow visits by government work teams. Please note that this PDF was created from individual low-resolution images and therefore has a recent (2023) file creation date.

This document is part of the Xinjiang Police Files, a cache of internal police files from Xinjiang obtained by a third party through hacking (click for more information). 

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