The Xinjiang Police Files

Implement the Five Prevents - Promote Transformation - Action Plan for Making up for the Shortcomings of Education and Training Centers

Filename: 方案3(教培中心)改.docx
Document title: 抓五防  促转化  补齐教培中心短板行动方案

About This Document
This document lists implementation shortcomings related to the re-education camps, such as overcrowding and security issues, and outlines mandated steps for resolving them. This includes a discussion on how to implement detainee skills training and labor placement.

This document is part of the Xinjiang Police Files, a cache of internal police files from Xinjiang obtained by a third party through hacking (click for more information). 

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This section contains documents related to forced labor and coercive poverty alleviation policies targeting Uyghurs and other ethnic groups.