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Autonomous Region’s Regulations on Educational Assistance Management Work for Focus Persons and Special Groups

Filename: 特社综治〔2014〕41号(关于转发《自治区重点人员和特殊群体帮教管理工作规程(试行)》的通知.doc

Document title: 特社综治〔2014〕41号 关于转发《自治区重点人员和特殊群体帮教管理工作规程(试行)》的通知

About This Document
This Document No.41 about early re-education measures, issued by the Xinjiang government in 2014, builds on Document No.26 from 2013. It combines treatment of focus persons and special groups to “further standardize” their re-education. Whereas the earlier Document No.26 cites only the XUAR Party Committee as the main decision-making authority, Document No.41 prominently noted that its contents were designed to implement the decisions of the Central Party Committee. Unlike Document No.26 but aligned with statements by central leaders during the Second Central Xinjiang Work Forum, Document No.41 argues that re-education served not only “social stability” but also China’s “national security.” Integrated Governance Work Centers were now to implement “centralized transformation-through-education classes” in the “long-term.” Document No.41 prescribes intensified treatment for “hardened” individuals who refuse to “transform”. It also document establishes a detailed feedback mechanism whereby re-education experiences were to be collated and analyzed at each administrative level.

This document is part of the Xinjiang Police Files, a cache of internal police files from Xinjiang obtained by a third party through hacking (click for more information).

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