The Xinjiang Police Files

Autonomous Region Educational Management Work Measures for Special Groups

Filename: 2013自治区特殊群体教育管理工作办法(机密).doc

Document title: 新社综办〔2013〕26号 关于印发《自治区特殊群体教育管理工作办法(试行)》的通知

About This Document
This document issued by the Xinjiang government in 2013 outlines “Educational Management Work Measures for Special Groups,” referring to early re-education measures. It defines 10 types of “special groups,” including parents who “force” their children to be religious, young men with long beards, women who wear veils, and persons who exhibit a form of “religious extremism” Those who remain “stubborn” after repeated re-education efforts were to be designated as “focus persons” and dealt with more severely.

This document is part of the Xinjiang Police Files, a cache of internal police files from Xinjiang obtained by a third party through hacking (click for more information).

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This section contains documents related to re-education and mass internment policies targeting Uyghurs and other ethnic groups.